Live Video from FLIR ONE iPhone Thermal Camera

UPDATE: See our review of the newer FLIR ONE Infrared Camera for iPhone and Android.

Recorded with the FLIR ONE thermal camera for iPhone, we tour the Consumer Electronics Show to find out what the show looks like in a completely different light. As noted in our full FLIR ONE review, this impressive iPhone case includes a thermal camera as well as a visible light camera. The FLIR ONE blends these two images in real time to produce an “MSX” image with much more detail than would be available in the thermal image alone. Note how clearly you can distinguish all the trade show graphics which are essentially invisible to the Lepton thermal detector. The video can be choppy at points because of the lower frame rate, but overall the FLIR ONE delivers remarkable thermal imaging for an unheard of $349.


2 thoughts on “Live Video from FLIR ONE iPhone Thermal Camera

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