Seek Compact Pro FF Image Gallery

UPDATE: Ivy Tools now has a limited supply of Seek Compact Pro Thermal Imagers for sale. Both iPhone and Android are currently available.

The new Seek Compact Pro thermal imager arrived at the Ivy Tools office on a Tuesday afternoon notable only for its thick unrelenting heat. By evening it was clear that the latest Seek Compact offered more than its predecessors. Images were sharper; details were more visible. By Wednesday morning we were all bursting with ideas of how to test this new thermal camera.

Seek Compact Pro PCB

The images speak for themselves–almost. One thing we had to keep telling ourselves is that the Seek Compact Pro Fast Frame costs just $499. Take a look at the images. It’s not ready to replace your FLIR E60 yet; but it is somewhere on that spectrum. Now remember that the Compact Pro sells for $499. Intoxicating.

The new app for iPhone and Android also gives Compact Pro users (but not others) the ability to manually adjust the level and span. This was used to great effect when we were taking video of the PCB of an intern’s laptop (Thanks Intern!). As the motherboard heated up, the Seek Compact Pro did not constantly change the temperature scale, giving a clearer and more stable look at the process from start to finish.

Comparing the Compact and the Compact Pro FF

Since we had both units at the office, we decided to shoot some side by side comparisons between the original Seek Compact (206×156, 36° lens) and the Seek Compact Pro FF (320×240, 32° lens). Even on paper we expected the Pro to be the better thermal imager. The surprise is in how much better the Pro performs. It’s ability to resolve small details far surpasses the original Compact. We were even able to read the manufacturer’s label on a pump–in infrared!

Seek Compact Comparison

The historic Rockingham County Courthouse.

Seek Compact Pro Size

Seek Compact Pro FF (top) versus Seek Compact.

Seek Compact Pro FF Printed Circuit Board

We temporarily coopted the intern’s laptop for this one….

Seek Compact Pro Plumbing

Connections on the top of a water heater.

For more details on the new Compact Pro, from hardware specs to app functionality, please see the full review over at the Seek Compact Pro FF product page.

Seek Compact Pro Pump

Manufacturer’s label on a pump. All infrared; no blending.

Seek Thermal Compact Pro Pump

Pump with temperature measurement in crosshair mode.

Seek Compact Pro Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger. Note condensation on cold line across middle.

Seek Compact Pro Infrared

Close up of heat exchanger. Distance approximately six inches.

Seek Thermal Compact Pro Valve

Ball valve with condensation.

Seek Compact Pro Inspection

Hot August air trying to get into our offices.

Seek Compact Pro Infrared Dog

Irish Wolfhound. Just because he looks great in infrared.


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