Water Damage Special #1: FLIR i-Series and Extech MO210

From now through the end of December FLIR is making a special offer that should prove particularly tempting to anyone looking for water damage in the wake of hurricanes in the South and Northeast this year. When you purchase a FLIR i3 or a FLIR i5, FLIR is offering an Extech MO210 Moisture Meter for free. These are two tools that go hand in hand when looking for moisture and mold in building materials. The thermal imaging cameras can easily detect and visualize patterns of moisture in walls, floors, and roofs. Then the Extech MO210 is used to verify the findings of the infrared camera, and understand the extent of the moisture. With pricing starting at $1195, homeowners and contractors alike will stand to benefit from this excellent pairing.

For more about locating water damage in a building, see our article “Moisture Detection with Thermal Imagers“. More details and specifications can be found at IvyTools.com. See FLIR i3, FLIR i5, and Extech MO210. Or feel free to give us a call at (877) 273-2311. We would be happy to make recommendations.

FLIR Water Damage Special


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