First Look at the Extech MO270 Moisture Meter

MO270 Telescoping PoleThe innovative new Extech MO270 is a 2-in-1 pin and pinless moisture meter with a few tricks up its sleeve. The meter has a detachable sensor module that is capable of transmitting its findings back to the meter, up to 65 feet away. The wireless sensor can be snapped on one end of the included 4′ telescoping pole, while the meter is clipped onto the handle end. For the restoration contractor, energy auditor, building inspector, or roofing contractor, this means that most water damage inspections can occur without ever setting up the ladder. Moisture assessments are quicker and safer, and telescoping poles are available in 10′ and 16′ lengths as well. Further extending the usefulness of the Extech MO270, additional sensors can be connected wirelessly, allowing the meter to record data from up to 40 sensors simultaneously.

MO270 Moisture Graph

The new MO270 also brings graphic analysis to moisture detection. The Trend Analysis screen graphs moisture levels over time, making quick work of water detection. As you move the sensor past an area of moisture the graph will show how wet the area is, and where it begins and ends. No more endless spot checking to find the boundaries of a leak. The Extech MO270 also allows you to set an alarm so the meter will alert you visibly and audibly to moisture above your preset threshold. Making further use of recent technology, the MO270 moisture meter can pair with most FLIR thermal imagers, capturing all your water damage data in one location. With fast scanning and a visual representation of the problem areas, the Extech MO270 moisture meter gives you all the water restoration data you need–without the ladder.

See more specifications of the Extech MO270 at Ivy Tools.


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