Seek Reveal XR Fast Frame – First Impressions

Seek Reveal XR FF
seek-reveal-xr-ffWith the new Seek Reveal XR Fast Frame, we may just have the next great development in affordable thermal cameras. Here at Ivy Tools we’ve been playing around with the new Reveal for a few weeks, and it manages to wow us every time. The news here is not the price ($469), the form factor, or even the resolution (206 x 156). All of these are pushing the envelope, and have been helping Seek Thermal make a splash against the competitors. But the secret weapon of the Seek Reveal XR Fast Frame is that last part, “Fast Frame,” easily overlooked in the marketing.

More Hz, Less Hurts
The other Seek infrared cameras run at 9 frames a second, or 9hz. In fact every camera I can think of under $2500 runs at 9hz or less. The new Seek Reveal Fast Frame runs at 15-30hz. This has a profound effect on the clarity of the image, as well as the overall usability. The new Fast Frame camera uses the same infrared detectors and lenses as the standard Reveal cameras, giving the same resolution, thermal sensitivity, and field of view. Yet the higher frame rate gives the Fast Frame a completely different feel. Frankly, it feels like it ought to cost a good bit more than $469.


Hot Water Heater

Clearer Imaging
The faster image refresh takes away all the jerky, stop action feel we have come to associate with consumer level thermal cameras. Whether the motion is from the user scanning a building for energy loss, or from a moving target such as an animal, the Fast Frame vastly smooths the live image. But there is something unexpected here as well: the faster frame rate also improves the live image even in the absence of motion. Holding a Reveal XR and a Reveal XR Fast Frame side by side, and viewing the same unmoving object, the Fast Frame image looks better. I suspect this is because even when we are “still,” there is nonetheless a slight tremble to the human body, and the higher frame rate balances that out for our eyes.

Best Seek Yet
Increasing the frame rate on their standard detector has resulted in the best thermal camera that Seek has produced to date. It’s also likely the best thermal camera under $1000. If increasing the frame rate alone can have this great an effect on usability, then we at Ivy Tools will watch anxiously and hope that Seek rolls out this feature to the rest of their thermal camera line. And until then we’ll keep fighting over who has Reveal XR Fast Frame. “Me? No, um…I thought you had it….”

Thoughts or questions about the Seek Reveal XR FF? We welcome your comments below, or you can drop us a line at [email protected]

More Information
Seek Reveal XR Fast Frame on sale at Ivy Tools



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