Testo Combustion Analyzer Sale

Testo is offering a great promotion this fall on their full line of combustion analyzers. When you purchase a Testo 310, Testo 320, or Testo 330, you qualify for a $150 rebate. These analyzers are already priced competitively, but with the added bonus of $150 in your pocket, this deal will be hard to beat this fall. Purchase any of these Testo combustion analyzers from Ivy Tools, then simply complete the short rebate form, and claim your $150 rebate!

Testo Combustion Analyzer Sale

Testo is also taking the opportunity to highlight a few standout features of their instruments:

Integrated NOx Filters – The CO sensor of all Testo Combustion Analyzers includes a NOx filter to ensure that all CO measurements and calculations are of the highest possible accuracy.

Field Replaceable Sensors – On the Testo 320 and Testo 330, sensors can be shipped fully calibrated from the factory to you. No need to return the instrument for regular service. This feature alone will pay for itself over a few years in calibration costs and instrument downtime.

Automatic Pump Shutoff – Further protecting your sensor investment, the 320 and 330 analyzers will automatically shut off their sample pump if levels of CO are detected that might damage the sensor.

Integrated Temperature Compensation – The Testo 320 and 330 units incorporate temperature compensation to account for how changing work temperatures affect accurate measurements. The temperature of the sensors is continuously monitored rather than being calculated from the startup temperature.

Quick Drain Condensate Trap – The condensate trap prevents water from reaching and damaging the CO and O2 sensors. On most combustion analyzers this feature is built into the hose and requires clumsy disassembly to clean out the trap. With the Testo analyzers, the condensate trap is built into the bottom of the unit to open and drain with ease.

For more information on Testo Combustion Analyzers or the current promotion, please give us a call at (877) 273-2311, or drop us a line at [email protected]

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Testo 310 Combustion Analyzer
Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer
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