First Review: Fluke Ti90 and Fluke Ti95 Infrared Cameras

Fluke Ti90 Thermal Camera

New Fluke Cameras

Fluke recently released the new Fluke Ti90 and Fluke Ti95 infrared cameras, the latest in a family of simple point and shoot thermal cameras. Priced at $1499 and $1999, respectively, these cameras offer lower price points and new resolution options. The biggest news, however, is what these cameras have in common with their more expensive siblings: full connectivity support through Fluke Connect. Fluke Connect is now offered on all of the infrared cameras in this line–Ti90, Ti95, Ti100, Ti105, Ti110, and Ti125.

Fluke Connect

Fluke Connect allows easy wireless connection of the thermal camera (or over 20 other Fluke tools) to a smartphone or tablet. The Apple or Android device simply downloads the free SmartView Mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. Then up to 11 Fluke tools can connect simultaneously through Bluetooth and WiFi. All Fluke infrared cameras are now compatible with Fluke Connect, and can share captured thermal images with the SmartView Mobile app. Once in the app, the image can be sorted to a folder which stores all data about that piece of equipment from all connected instruments. Create this “EquipmentLog” for each piece of equipment on your inspection route, then have all past data right in your hand each time you perform planned preventive maintenance (PPM).

Fluke Connect iPhoneOther notable Fluke Connect features include the ability to use stored data to create TrendIt graphs that show operating conditions over time, whether temperature, voltage, amperage, etc. Fluke Cloud stores all data securely off site for easy access from a tablet or smartphone, and makes for a great way to keep all users in sync with current findings. The ShareLive feature of Fluke Connect allows a live video conference call from within the app, giving technicians in the field a quick way to share findings with team members, or get approvals for needed repairs.

Comparing the Ti90 and Ti95

The Fluke Ti90 and the Fluke Ti95 infrared cameras have the same DNA, so it’s no surprise that they share many common features. Both are housed in a tough casing that will withstand a 6 foot drop, and include a high quality 3.5 inch LCD screen. Both can view and measure temperature from -4 to +482 °F, and both offer the traditional center spot temperature measurement. A built in 2 MP visible light camera means both the Ti90 and the Ti95 create better records of the target area. And both thermal cameras come with the same Fluke SmartView software to analyze your digital and infrared images, and to create reports of your findings. SmartView can also create picture in picture images, and use Fluke AutoBlend fusion to blend the thermal and digital images.

Fluke Ti90 Electrical PanelThe main difference users will notice between the Fluke Ti90 and the Fluke Ti95 is the picture quality. This better picture is really what drives the higher price of the Ti95. The resolution of the two cameras is fairly close, at 80 x 60 for the Ti90, and 80 x 80 for the Ti95, but the 33% more pixels of the Ti95 make for a considerably better picture, and a smaller spot size for temperature measurement. Along with the increased resolution, the Fluke Ti95 has 33% better thermal sensitivity, meaning it is better at differentiating slight temperature variations. The Ti95 also includes the ability to create a picture in picture with the thermal and digital images directly on the camera. More measurement options are also available, including automatic hot and cold markers, and a center box that will show the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures in that area.

Final Thoughts

The resolution and sensitivity improvements give the Fluke Ti95 an edge in picture quality, but not one that is insurmountable in many common applications. The Fluke Ti90 still provides an acceptable picture for many mechanical and electrical applications, especially at close range where spot size is less of a concern. Yet the real advantage of both the Ti90 and the Ti95 is that they include the excellent Fluke Connect system. Until now you had to spend $4000 or more to have wireless connectivity with a thermal camera. Fluke has changed that in a way that many technicians will find very, very useful.

Thoughts or questions about the Fluke Ti90 or Fluke Ti95 Infrared Cameras? Please give us a call at (877) 273-2311, or drop us a line at [email protected]

Fluke Connect iPhone Graph


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