New Details on RESNET Level II Certification in Infrared

RESNET Conference FLIR E8

Announcement of the RESNET Level II Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics. Thermal image captured with FLIR E8 Thermal Camera (RESNET Compliant).

Today at the 2014 RESNET Conference in Atlanta RESNET revealed some long awaited details regarding the certification procedure for HERS Raters performing infrared inspections. A memorandam of understanding from May 2013 outlined how RESNET would work with the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) to develop the Level II Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics. But most details had yet to be announced regarding how participants would actually obtain the certification.

HERS raters will have to pass a series of exams administered by ASNT, and notify RESNET of their completion. RESNET will then issue the certification through the applicant’s Rating Provider. No training will be required to sit for the exams, though it is likely that training will be offered through RESNET’s network of Accredited Rating Training Providers.

There are three different exam sections, all of which will be offered “closed book.” The General Examination is comprised of 50 multiple choice questions covering topics related to the broad use and principles of infrared inspection. The Specific Examination is a 40 question test designed to test the applicant’s knowledge of thermography as it is applied to building inspections. Finally, a Field Examination will require an inspection and report from an actual site. Examination costs are expected to be around $350.

The RESNET Level II Certification in Infrared Thermography for Building Diagnostics is expected to be available in 2016. Beta examinations will likely be available to current HERS Raters in 2015 at the annual RESNET Conference.


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