FLIR i3 Thermal Camera Breaks $1000 Price Barrier

FLIR i3 image

Pump Motor from 8′ away as seen on the FLIR i3 Thermal Camera.

Effective today, May 15, FLIR Systems has lowered the cost of entry for their renowned thermal cameras to under $1000. In an unanticipated pricing move, customers can now purchase the FLIR i3 Thermal Camera for just $995 after rebate. The i3 is currently priced at $1195, already a price leader in the industry. Ever one to stave off competition though, FLIR is now offering a $200 rebate on the current price, sending customers a prepaid American Express gift card.

The FLIR i3 Thermal Camera already offered great pricing and performance, with a full 60 x 60 resolution (3,600 total pixels). By the numbers, it really had no close competition. In recent months DeWalt and Fluke have introduced “imaging thermometers” and “visual thermometers” in the $900-$1000 range. These interesting tools blend a visual image with very basic infrared detection (in the  225 pixel range), and have been marketed as bridging the gap between infrared thermometers and full thermal cameras.

But considering the FLIR i3 is now priced at just $995, and that it has 16 times better resolution, it’s just not clear that there’s a gap that needs bridging.

Visit the Ivy Tools website for more information on the groundbreaking FLIR i3 Thermal Camera.


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