Water Damage Special #2: FLIR E-Series and Extech MO297

For the professional energy auditors, home performance contractors, and anyone else searching for building moisture (or just a good deal!), FLIR is currently offering a free Extech MO297 Moisture Meter with the purchase of certain E-Series infrared cameras. The MO297 is a five-in-one moisture detection meter, combining a pin-type and pinless moisture meter with a thermo-hygrometer and an infrared thermometer. It detects moisture in any common building material, as well as measures relative humidity, ambient air temperature, and surface temperature. Undoubtedly one of its greatest features is the ability to communicate wirelessly with most FLIR thermal imagers. The data from the Extech MO297 is sent to the thermal imager and stored with the infrared image for simple analysis.

Of course the FLIR E-Series is an excellent moisture detection instrument in its own right. Moisture is located quickly and visibly with the thermal imager as a building changes temperature. And the FLIR E-Series infrared cameras have set the standard in thermal imagers for professionals. With features such as integrated digital camera, onboard video recording, picture-in-picture, insulation and dewpoint alarms, iPad compatibility and many more, the E-Series has become the cornerstone for professionals using infrared thermography.

For more about locating water damage in a building, see our article “Moisture Detection with Thermal Imagers”. More details and specifications can be found at IvyTools.com. See FLIR E40bx, E50bx, and E60bx, and Extech MO297. Or feel free to give us a call at (877) 273-2311. We would be happy to make recommendations.

Free Extech MO297


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